Grand Forks North Dakota Events

Enjoy a day of sledding, snowshoeing, hiking - grooming, horse-drawn sleigh rides, cardboard sledges and more! The event is hosted by the Grand Forks North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department (GRDPD) and the South Dakota Department of Natural Resources (NDDNR).

Enjoy four days full of talented artists performing in a variety of genres, from rock, country and folk to jazz, gospel and soul. Celebrations include a parade of lights, live music, food trucks, vendors and more. The fun events include antique tractors - tractors, horses - sledges, snowshoeing, hay rides and much more! There is also a food and beverage market, a children's playground, an ice rink and many other fun activities.

Hotel information for the 2021 Games has not yet been announced, but future updates will be posted on the Grand Forks North Dakota Convention & Visitors Bureau website.

Fans can email event producers in Nashville at theralph @ or email event producers in Grand Forks, N.D., for the North Dakota Rally.

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Go to the center of town to find a food truck or just pick up something or a home - baked cakes or cakes made by your grandmother. Enjoy the music, mingle with other guests, buy food in food trucks and visit the Grand Forks Farmers Market.

If you are dropping an athlete or planning to leave him, make sure you have good contact information in the If you need to shake hands for any reason. You are checked before the meeting, so you know that when you are assigned to a group, it will always be your group.

If you are interested in a committee or have any questions for the Chamber, please contact us by e-mail or phone. For more information or questions, call 800-237-4629 or ask for the call with the bereavement department.

Welcome back to the annual Black History Month celebration of the Grand Forks North Dakota Chamber of Commerce and learn more about our community's legendary past. We had a lot of fun during our visit and look forward to meeting you and your family.

The event will take place at the first farmers market in the town square, which opens at 9 a.m. this summer and will host a variety of food vendors, food trucks and other vendors from around the world.

Ticket buyers receive direct communication from Ticketmaster and the promoter. Tickets for the Grand Falls North Dakota State football game will continue to be sent out, often in a newsletter at the end of the sports season, and you will be notified in good time.

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This year's show is full of stunning special effects, and the whole family can get their faces painted like Spiderman. Art in Red, considered one of North Dakota's most popular music events of the summer, features enticing new music from artists from around the country and the world, as well as a variety of special guest artists. This three-part summer music series features a mix of classic and modern rock, jazz, blues, hip-hop, country, pop and more. The 3-ring is filled with excitement, laughter and memories that will always be cherished by your family. So join us on a fun family evening of music, food and fun!

Presented by Gary Schindler, Grand Forks Turning Point offers a variety of food and drinks, as well as live music by local artists. Bring your own snacks and enjoy food, drinks and entertainment from a wide range of local and national bands.

This has always been the case with Special Olympics North Dakota, but it will no longer be acceptable to allow athletes to practice without doing any form of physical activity. The Area 5 Management Team has been tasked with coordinating and implementing this by September. They will meet to discuss this with the athletes and what this will look like for the Grand Forks athletes. We would like to see all athletes competing in all five seasons, but we will not be asking for it. Listen to us discuss our research report entitled "5 gestures of trust" and how it can help us develop better policies and give us a better way to assess complaints and build positive relationships with our customers.

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