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Other types of apartments that predominate in Grand Forks are single-family houses and houses that have been converted into apartments or other small apartment buildings. The most common form of housing is single-family homes, which account for more than 90 percent of all housing units in the city, according to data from the North Dakota Department of Housing and Community Development. A building, such as a duplex or townhouse, often contains two or more houses, and there are often a large number of single-family houses, townhouses, bungalows and other smaller apartments in the city.

Grand Forks is described as having a residential density of 1345.1, which is the number one place among all the places in the Grand Forking metropolitan area. There are also a lot of apartments in Grand Forks built between 1940 and 1969, but there are also the median real estate taxes, paid at $1,906, as measured by the state of North Dakota, showing that renters pay more than twice as much in property taxes as renters who pay for utilities in Grand Forks and North Fargo, and they are 42.5% higher in tax dollars than in all states in North Dakota, according to the US Department of Housing and Community Development. The most recent Census Bureau report on the urban housing market in 2016 gave Grand Inks a median value of $3,843, while the median value ($453), which is the second highest median of all cities in South Dakota and the third largest in Minnesota, was also presented.

Grand Forks is represented with a 19% "no mortgage," which is the second highest in North Dakota and the third highest of all cities in South Dakota, and it shows that it has a median home price of $3,843, $1,906 higher than the median in North Fargo. There are a lot of East Grand Inks that are presented with an average cost of living of about $2,500 per month, but they are shown to have a no mortgage of 9%, which is more than twice the average for all other places in Grand Forking, as well as for the city.

Grand Forks has the largest proportion of mortgages without mortgages, at 10% of the total, and has a median price of $3,843, $1,906 above the median in North Fargo. Grand Forkens ranks second on North Dakota's list of most expensive cities for real estate and first on the cost of living, with an average cost of living of about $2,500 a month, but it has the second highest mortgage rate of any city in the state of South Dakota.

Grand Forks is 10.0% larger in terms of median property taxes paid compared to the US average of $2,471, but it is about three-quarters as large with a rental rate of 2.1% compared to the US average of 1,062%.

On the map of North Dakota above, we have colored the 53 counties in North Fargo based on the maximum sales tax rates that occur in each county. You may want to use such a calculator to get a more accurate estimate for individual properties. This calculator is a great tool to create accurate estimates of property taxes in Grand Forks and other parts of the state. Select a county from the interactive map list below and enter your district in the search box.

Grand Forks is also much larger compared to the state of North Dakota and is about 2.8 times larger in terms of changes in housing units compared to other parts of the country, such as New York City and Los Angeles. The number of residential units in North Fargo and other areas is large, but it is not the largest in the entire state, about 1.5 times the size of Grand Rapids.

Also, unlike North Dakota, rental prices in 826 Grand Forks are roughly the same, offer a frequency distribution of home prices in the area, and are useful for understanding affordable housing funds. Compared to North Fargo, the data show that there is no significant difference in the distribution of home prices between Grand Rapids and Grand Fargo compared to other parts of the country, but there are significant differences in housing prices between the two areas in terms of rents.

Grand Forks is listed with a median home value of $210,300, slightly higher than the median home value in other parts of the country. Figure 11 shows the number of people owning homes in the Grand Forkings metro area, and the region is illustrated by the total number of units occupied by owners, and provides a more detailed look at the distribution of home prices and rental prices. Grand Forks shows that it has a tenant share (56.4%) that is roughly in line with the national average of 52.5%. The large fork has a median home price of about $200,000, while the share of renters (54.6%) is about $200,000. GrandForks shows that Grandforks has the highest rental price in North Dakota at $1,500 per square foot ($2,400 per month), roughly the average home price for a single-family home in North America.

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